Tiếng Việt ở đây.


Savi Spice is a proudly Vietnamese company; a sustainable, equitable, socially conscious organization – and your guide to new flavors and new experiences!

Savi is an importer, exporter, grower, distributor, and educator. We supply high-quality food ingredients & functional foods – including the rarest and most exotic herbs, spices, and herbal medicinal products – for end consumers (B2C) and food service (B2B) in Vietnam and beyond.

Our highly experienced team has deep knowledge of agriculture, food science & chemistry, and distribution which helps us go beyond a commercial relationship with our farmers and buyers and add value to each stage of the supply chain.


  • We work with farmers in North, Central, South, and West Vietnam to grow herbs & spices just for us. We invest time & energy into building deep, personal relationships & visit them frequently, getting our hands dirty (literally) in the field.
  • Our focus is to go beyond a business relationship & to be a partner in the field. This ensures we have strong oversight over the supply chain, can control quality at all stages of the process, & supply the highest-possible quality products.
  • Savi is committed to advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of Good Health & Well-Being (#3), Decent Work & Economic Growth (#8), Reduced Inequalities (#10) & Climate Action (#13) to reduce poverty, combat climate change, & contribute to Vietnam’s growth as a leading regional & global power.


Savi partners with traditionally-disadvantaged communities to develop a vibrant, healthy, enduring society by prioritizing:

  • Sustainable agriculture and collecting which preserves biodiversity
  • Equitable sharing of benefits
  • Clear origins and traceability
  • Expert advice & continued support for farmers
  • Educating consumers on how to use these rare spices & the benefits they provide

Savi’s deep relationships at every step of the chain deliver rare, unique products at unbeatable levels of quality and value.

We work directly with our farmer partners by:

  • Scheduling planting & buying contracts and forecasting harvests & anticipating production challenges
  • Advising farmers to increase sustainable supply practices, increase yields, & develop complementary products to boost their incomes
  • Developing local communities & paying premiums to ensure the sustainable, long-term development of our farmers & their families


Savi manages 10 hectares of land in the Mekong Delta and Southern Vietnam with the capacity to expand up to 50 hectares. This land is used to produce herbs and spices according to individual customer specifications. Savi can provide a full, turnkey solution to companies looking to source with clear traceability and farmer stories, pictures, and marketing materials. This approach is well-suited to companies looking for OEM products with strong social compliance and corporate social responsibility. 


Savi imports spices into Vietnam for distribution in the domestic market. Some imports include nutmeg, mace, cloves from Indonesia; cardamom, cumin from India; Szechuan peppercorns from China, and more.

Savi exports spices by container to customers around the world. Savi's main markets are Hong Kong and Australia. Savi has also exported customized shipments by air to Italy and the United States. Please contact us to inquire about specific herbs and spices to your market.